Lick the spoon…

I’ve forced myself to take an indefinite break from cake-making for the time being.  To be specific, I am no longer taking orders from paying customers. This has not been… Read more »


Oaty Berry Breakfast Muffins

I’m finding, as the boys are growing up, that they need a more substantial snack after school.  I have no problem getting them to eat fruit, quite the opposite!  My… Read more »


Egg-less Banana Muffins

I regularly feel the need to bake, usually when I’m at home with the littlest ones, with no intention to leave the house.  The trouble with that scenario, however, is… Read more »


Vanilla Chai Tea Loaf

I love Autumn; the clothes, the colours but mainly the spices which you suddenly crave to warm your senses. Last year I discovered Vanilla Chai tea and when a cool… Read more »

Crunchy nutty coconut cookies

Autumn is here! Let’s get baking!

I must admit, the recent dip in temperature has left me finding any excuse to put the oven on – just to warm up!  Plus with the return to school,… Read more »

Marmite Muffins

Love food hate waste… Love Marmite…

A rainy day bake, driven by the lack of enthusiasm to go out to the shop, and yet again attempting a frugal approach to food. With vegetarian children I am… Read more »


Breadcrumb Muffins

A pet hate of mine is wasted food, particularly when all I seem to be hearing during the school holidays seems to be “Muuuuuum, can I have something to eat?”… Read more »

Measuring cups

Saturday Night Cake Away

For someone who is frequently baking cakes for other people, there is usually no cake in our house. I find this most frustrating on a Saturday night, when the children… Read more »


When life gives you lemons….

Today was always going to be ‘one of those’.  Middle child destroyed the contents of my makeup bag before 9am, eldest child needing serious talking to after school, middle child… Read more »

Home time cookies

Back to school…..

As this is my first time as a fully-working-from-home Mum, I’ve been keen to get myself organised and make sure that the workaholic in me doesn’t take over, and that… Read more »

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